Coppermine in an abit bx6 v1.0??

I have an abit bx6 v1.0 MB and would like to upgrade my PII 350 with a more capable Coppermine chip, Abit only rates the board for a p3 600 katmai chip which are now almost impossible to find. Will a voltage regulated slotket adapter card alow me to use a fcpga370 P3 800? must I stay with a chip based on a 100Mhz fsb or will can slotket card cope with a P3 933eb for example? I have already flash upgraded sys bios to the latest available from Abit, but will I run into any bios issues beyond 600Mhz? Finally, if anyone has encountered this situation before, can anyone suggest a make and model of pga370 to slot1 converter card? Thank you
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  1. Here is too much info, enjoy

    The adapter your looking for
  2. For what it's worth I had a slot one 1GHZ running in a BH6 for a while with the newest bios update. I also noticed the bios allowed up over 133mhz fsb. I'm not sure how different the bh6 is from the bx6 but if the voltage controllers can handle it you should be fine.
  3. He needs the adapter for the bx6, abits original 440bx motherboard of choice.

    The powerleap adapter will adjust voltage for you. I have not seen any other slot adapter tha t does this.
  4. PIII's with 100fsb are also becoming hard to find, can the Powerleap board regulate core clock frequency as well? It's a little unclear from the Powerleap site. Thanks very much for the help.
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