HELP with cpu fan !

I just got myself a celeron 800 with intel fan. After installing i noticed that the fan don't work. After a while i reinstalled my old cpu with it's old fan and noticed that it doesn't work either (the fan). Propably it has never worked, but CPU has been cool enough even without it. It is now 52 C as i'm writing this.
Can anybody tell what's wrong with my machine or where i should start looking for the problem ? Could it be about my power supply witch is ST-235ATX. I suppose that means it is 235W ? Is it enough for my machine (2 HD's , DVD, GeForce MX, Advance 9 MB, SB soundcard). Or is it something else ?
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  1. what was your older cpu? and did it work fine without a fan? its hard to believe, but might be true if the environment is cool enough, ventilation is good etc.
    anyway, check you CPU fan connector on the motherboard, probably its dead, try another one... there are a few of them on the board. if it doesnt, you can get a spare connector from the store and tie it directly to the 12V line that comes out from the power supply (just watch out for the correct polarity), you wont get any speed info with any hardware health monitor since the power to it doesnt go through the motherboard where there is a speed sensor attatched, but temperature data should be enough to get the idea about the healt of the processor. but it will definitely get you fan working

    although 235 W seems ok for your system, better get a 300 W one.


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  2. (Acting like an Intel fan): HAHA you got suckered into an Intel processor! HAHA!

    (Authentic AMD torchbearer): I recommend atleaast a 300W PS. Sparkle PS's are excelenty and high quality.

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  3. Thanks for your answer!
    My old (now current, cause i don't won't to overheat my new) processor is 466 celeron and it keeps it's temp at 47-55 C without a fan now with box open.
    I connected my fan to 12 V line straight from power supply and found out that both my fans work fine. Then i dug out my old electric meter and measured the voltage from CPUFAN and CHSFAN connectors on motherboard and surprised when it showed about 6V from both connectors. When i took the gnd straight from the metal box it jumped to correct voltage about 12V. What could that mean ? I now very little about electrics. Is my mobo poorly installed. I did it myself ! Any ideas ? Thanks anyway.
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