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Okay, in the interest of everyone on the boards looking to build a system over the summer based off the AMD processor, I would like to ask that anyone who has considerable knowledge in system construction as well as the best ways to go about buying the various parts to pool all those ideas and thoughts into a single thread, and hopefully it will be updated enough that it doesn't get buried with the rest of the threads, making it impossible to find.
Okay, so seriously, after reading various posts in many different areas, many by stable, I have concluded that:

A) Get a boxed version of the AMD processor, but I am unsure as to whether the OEM and Retail box versions are any different. If anyone knows, please elaborate.

B) Currently the DDR solutions out there were rushed out to market, and therefore very buggy and poor performers. After maturing they may be worth the time, but I would like to know if mid-summer is about the time that the platforms would be "mature." And if not, is the A7V133 the way to go for a SDRAM board?

C) I saw in a post by stable that he mentions Mushkin and Corsair as two high quality memory sticks. Is Crucial up in that bracket, or is Crucial just a high quality mass-market item, not fit for the avid gamer?

D) Again, stable commented was that the Hercules XP Theater was the sound card to get. Currently I have a Live! Platinum, w/o the LiveDrive. It was free and works fine, but should I really save my pennies to purchase the XP for my new machine?

E) Back to the processor thing, I have found that the AXIA version is the way to go, but is there a way to tell before you buy it? If so, I would love to know, because I could knock off a few bucks then by getting a slower chip and just overclock it to 1.46 or whatever.

F) I plan to get myself one of those nice Silverado heatsink/fan combos from Noisecontrol. While I know it is a great product, is it really enough for a 1.33+ chip?

G) One more chip question, and it is about the Palamino core. Would it be best to just wait until the Palamino comes out in Q3 for desktops, or get a setup before then, and wait a while before committing to the Palamino core? Or would it be best just to get a Tbird now, skip the Palamino, and wait until the Thouroghbred comes out in Q1/2 of '02.

So there it is, and I'd love to hear anything else that people would like to add. I really am beginning to drool, as I type these messages to you with an old 300 PII. Not a bad machine when I got it, three years ago, but a shiny new system would complememt my new Black and White game well. Thank you much, and I'm sure other people who want to know the answers to those questions will appreciate it too. I mean, I can't be the only one.... right?

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  1. Ok, let me see....

    a) Get the OEM version, try to get either the AXIA or AVIA steppings if you're interested in overclocking. The reason behind that is because you pay more for the retail box with a POS HSF. You're better off buying the OEM version and then buying a good HSF.

    b) DDR isn't worth it until a CPU that takes full advantage of it comes out. (i.e. not Tbird) I'd go with the KT133 chipsets. I have an A7V133 right now and its very good.

    c) Crucial and Infineon are also in the same bracket. You can't go wrong buying from any of those 4 vendors.

    d) No, if you're sound card works fine then keep it (unless you are a music buff). The bug fix for the Live! cards I believe is out (check for updates)

    e) Ask the guy to look at the OEM CPUs and see if he'll let you pick one yourself. You won't be able to do with with Relail boxes. Be careful when overclocking as heat becomes a major issue. Be prepared to raise your vcore as necessary. Make sure you unlock those bridges too.

    f)Can't answer that..

    g)I was asking myself that exact same question. My reasoning is this:
    If you keep waiting, you'll never buy anything. Because once Palomino comes out, you'll start thinking to yourself, "well.. its only 6 more months until Hammer, why not just wait?" If you buy a 1+Ghz CPU now, it should keep you happy for the next 3 years.

    heh.. I upgraded from P2-266 so I know how you feel :)
  2. I agree with everything posted below yours except for the OEM part.
    OEM has virtually NO WARRANTY, other than it will work initially, no guarantee it will last, no reimbursment if it doesn't.
    If you don't mind a defective CPU dying a little after the 30 day warranty, go ahead with the OEM.
    Retail, although more expensive, has around 1 year warranty, void if you overclock, but at least you know for 1 year you have a processor, not a keychain.

    why, oh WHY, is the world run by morons?
  3. As a heads up, All AMD retail boxed CPU's carry a 3-year warranty, while OEM chips carry only a 90-day warranty. If from a broker, these chips may carry NO warranty, as they are the lowest of the low, wholesaled outside of the Channel.

    I would not agree at all with purchasing any OEM CPU, what’s more, the factory heat-sink included with the Boxed CPUs are more than enough to cool a 1.2GHz CPU to AT LEAST 1.46GHz in overclocking and 1.33GHz Boxed CPU users have been reporting 1.58+GHz with ABSOLUTELY NO TEMPERATURE INCREASE using the factory heat-sinks and fans. I have many customers that go even higher and none of them have reported more than a 3-degree increase in temperature. Thus, you are also saving yourself the cost of a fan/heat-sink assembly on top of being guaranteed to get a copper core (something that you most likely WON'T get with an OEM processor, as most of them come out of Texas instead of Dresden where the Boxed Copper CPUs are made.) You should keep in mind that the Aluminum CPUs will run MUCH hotter when overclocking, another reason to buy a boxed CPU.

    As for waiting versus not waiting, I've been telling our customers to wait another month or so before getting ANY DDR motherboard. There are just too many issues with revisions right now. I would NOT endorse getting a VIA Northbridge based product for AT LEAST another 2 Months, whereas the AMD 761 seems to be settling down a little. Still, I would probably wait for another couple of revisions before buying even one of those. I would of course avoid the Asus A7M266 completely because you only have 1 exclusive interrupt PCI slot, so what good is it to anyone?

    This is just my opinion, but based on what we have seen so far, it's just too risky right now. As for waiting for the next chips and Chipsets, I probably wouldn't. Keep in mind, THOSE chipsets (needed to support the new CPUs) will most likely have all NEW problems and will also need a good 6-month shakedown while the consumer market continues to perform their BETA testing for them.

    Steve Benoit

    Stable Technologies
    'The way IT should be!'
  4. Thanks all for posting on this topic. I'd love to invite anyone else with any knowledge to add to this post and answer any of the questions I asked earlier. Lets keep this thread alive and near the top, so other people like me can find what they're looking for.

  5. For your last question I think if your computer is very slow than upgrade to an low speed Duron and upgarde it again when Palamino comes out. According to AMD that present motherboard should be able to support Palamino. If your computer is not that slow than stay with it until Palamino come out.
  6. I'm currently using the Iwill KK266 mobo and a stick of PC133 Cas2 Sdram Rev 1.5 from Mushkin, and running stable (12hrs+ of Seti@Home) at 155mhz FSB. Thinking I can go higher with a bios flash.
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