Not going into Standby / Sleep

I'm using 2x Samsung B2330 monitors on nVidia Quadro 4000 with HDMI to DVI adapters.

When I shut down, the monitors goes into standby...

until now...

I unplugged the monitors to use PC in boardroom with projector. Afterwards, I brought PC back and reconnected my monitors.

Now, only my number 2 monitor goes into standby! Number 1 keeps saying 'check signal cable'. I compared settings, reset, unplugged and reconnect again, swapped monitors, etc. Nothing works.

Any advice please?

Cape Town
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  1. SOLVED (after many hours of fiddling)

    Not sure exactly what fixed it, but it could be 1 of 2 things:

    1 - I tried to confuse the monitor even further by disconnecting and reconnecting the signal cable and power cable in all the possible sequences that I could think off, while the computer was on.

    2 - Together with 1 above I also bypassed the HDMI adapter (HDMI @ computer and DVI @ monitor) by connecting the monitor directly to the computer with a DVI cable. (my graphics card has 2 HDMI and 1 DVI socket) (monitor set to auto source)

    The above appeared to not have solved the problem, so I then reconnected the HDMI adapter. When I powered down again, the monitor went into sleep. (now i'm not touching it again - ever)

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