Which monitor should I get, Asus ML239H IPS or Samsung S24B300HL?

While I'm googling the internet, I couldn't find any useful review or comparison to help me decide what should I get; the Asus ML239H IPS or the Samsung S24B300HL? even the some reviews I found about the Asus MS239H IPS, confused me especially the backlight bleeding problem; also there were no detailed review to be found about the Samsung;; now after my head started to run out of blood, I decided to ask the generous community of tomshardware.

primarily I have two choice, and I need to decide between the Asus ML239H IPS or the Samsung S24B300HL.

I could also include the Asus MS238H (I'm concerned about the frontward tilt angle) or the Asus VS229H IPS (a bit smaller than MS239H, don't know much about it);

I intend to use the monitor for:
1- gaming (I play FPS, RTS, RPG... games but not much online games)
2- obviously general uses (office, surfing the web, programing and the likes)
3- since my HD TV is broken, I likely will use it to see movies for the time being

one last thing, what about the Asus VG23AH 3D IPS (a passive 3d monitor)? I read that its quiet annoying when surfing the net (especially white page sites) and also when programing or doing word processing,, generally when works on white screens the odd (or even) lines will stay black and they'll be seen at close range which is my case (I sit about 60cm to 90cm from the screen), can anybody confirm this (hopefully if any owner of the monitor here)

sorry if my english looks so bad :kaola:
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  1. Bumping this thread as my eyes are also set on the Samsung S24B300HL :)
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