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First of all hello everyone,i came here in hope someone could solve my bsod problems that are happening for some time now.I am getting them only when playing games and what really worries me is that it's not always same BSOD so i am thinking that there are some hardware issues here.
My PC configuration is:
Motherboard:ASrock n68-vs3 UCC
Graphic Card:ATI HD 4850
CPU:DualCore AMD Athlon II X2 250, 3000 MHz (15 x 200)
Memory:TakeMS TMS4GB364E081139EM (2X4gb)
OS:Windows 7 64 bit version

I tried to run every test that people suggest on internet such as memtest86,cdm commands like scaning hdd and memory and what not and never got any errors so i guess if someone tells me to try that it won't help much...something else is in mess here.

Here is a link to dump files that i got this month...hope i posted it right!

So i hope someone can help me with this issue and thank you in advance,if you need more intel just ask.
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  1. Forgot to mention that all drivers are up to date,raned memtest overnight-no problems detected,temperatures and cpu voltage are fine.
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    make sure your bios is up to date.
    use cpu-z read the ram speed. look at the spd tab to see if the ram timing is set right.
    Memory Clock should be set to the same speed that the ram is rated for.
  3. I will update my bios now,and for cpu-z info...

    Module size 4096 MBytes
    Max bandwith PC3-10700H (667MHz)

    And JEDEC #4 says it's runing at 666MHz so i guess that's ok or needs to be at the excat 667MHz?
  4. Ok si I updated bios,at the reboot i got CMOS Checksum Bad error pressed F1 for default and windows booted i restarted PC now and there was no error so should i change CMOS battery becuase it's dying or is it common after bios update?Could that cause BSOD's?
  5. all bios give that error when you flash the bios. it wont come up again after you save the bios changes and reboot.
  6. Download BlueScreenView and post the different BSOD STOP Codes/error messages.
  7. I posted link above but not sure can you see dump files there...error codes i got are 0x1000007e,0x0000001a,0x00000019 and 0x0000003b,but 0x1000007e is most common by far,i got others only once and it always says that dxgmms1.sys caused it,but when i run dxdiag it says everything is fine with direct x that's why i am confused,anyway i update BIOS of mobo and played today without problems,i will update you later did it BSOD again or is it fine.
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  9. Looks like upgrade of Bios done it,many,many thanks Smorizio!
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