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Red backlit computer keyboard

October 25, 2012 1:12:21 AM

Would like an opinion on a decent keyboard with either red accent lighting or full red backlit.

No budget, but don't plan on spending 200+ on a slab of plastic.

Currently using a Dell RT7D50, apparently it's membrane but its pretty loud already... i dont know if i should switch over to mech or not. Im thinking getting brown cherries would be a smooth transition if i do.

So im limited to my knowledge of keyboard shopping, only been on amazon. Searching on NE and TD didn't give me good results.

Ofc red isnt firm, i just prefer red.

Things im considering
- Sidewinder x4
- Thermaltake esports challenger (Pro?)
- logitech g110
- razer stealth (dunno which edition is better, differneces and is what kind of switch)

So if anyone could help with a suggestion that'd be great :)  Thanks