Different PSU for Monitor, is it okay?

Hi all,

I have a HP Pavilion F1703 monitor that we use as a spare, but I seemed to of lost the power supply!

So the monitor says its power source should be 12V and 3.5A, but the closest thing I could find was a power supply with 18.5V and 3.1A. So I was wondering if this was able to be used without causing harm to the monitor in the short of long term.

Also, the monitor has a second power supply port which is smaller in size and has a picture of power and sound above it. So I'm assuming that it's supposed to power speakers inside the monitor or something? Not really sure, don't see any speakers in it... but in any case, I found a PSU that plugs into the slightly smaller port which is rated at 9.5V and 3.33A. So should I plug both of them in, or is just the first one fine?


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    DON"T TRY IT! The adapter must be the EXACT same voltage, and must be AT LEAST the same amperage. That spare fails both requirements.

    Also, that other power connector is to provide power for HP speakers so you do not need another power adapter cluttering up the desk ;)
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