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I have an old Toshiba 2520CDS, which was pronounced as uneconomic to repair, it has laid around for 3 yrs gathering dust. As there are a lot of 2nd hand parts going very cheap on ebay now and more out of interest than necessity I thought I would try a repair. First I plugged the adapter in and the power light and the flashing battery light came on so I left it for 24hrs and the battery light stopped flashing. I presumed the battery was fully charged. The on off switch appeared not to work until I discovered it was locked. The switch turns the LT light on and off, as well as the light on the CD tray.

Following your excellent guide on this forumn I proceed to strip the LT down and discovered the work shop that had pronounced the uneconomic repair had left many screws out especially in the Mother Board, on the assumption the work shop had stripped down as far as the motherboard I thought that this must be the cause of the problem. I made my bid and purchased a 2nd hand board claimed to be working and fully tested?? but without CPU, and cooling parts. On removing these items from the original board, I was unsure if the CPU itself was retained by screws and on turning the board over to investigate the cpu fell to the floor, I discovered it was not locked in. I presume the work shop had also taken the CPU out.

I have rebuilt the LT replacing all the missing screws, and with great expectation connected up the adapter, switched on and I was back to square one, all the lights worked, and nothing whirred or stirred. The question is have I got a 2nd board that is dud, did dropping the CPU cause it to fail and if failed would it break the power supply to the rest of the circuit. I have tried without the battery in , makes no difference. Power supply adapter has been tested as OK and of correct polarity. Can any one please advise a Meccano beginner striving to become an electronics expert what to do next. Apart from scrapping the machine. One other question under the CPU there is a foam pad with a little plastic strip, what does this strip do?
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  1. The device under the CPU is likely a temp sensor used by the system to determine the heat of the processor when operating.

    Have you connected the laptop to an external display to determine if the system is actually displaying anything? It is possible that the LCD is the issue.

    BTW, CPUs are fairly durable so a drop shouldn't have killed it.

    By it being loose, though, I would suspect the shop you took it to more than the CPU. Sounds pretty flaky to me and I wonder if they swapped in defective parts for your previous good parts. Also, I would never let them touch anything again given the conditions you described.

    Try the external monitor and report the results back. Good luck!
  2. Thanks for the interest GOLgeek, plugging in an external monitor has not worked, I have checked all the ribbon connectors etc. just to make sure they are connected.
  3. I think it time for a somber burial for your system, I suspect your CPU may have been damaged. Not by dropping, but by being loosely inserted into the system.

    Just for grins, I would confirm the actual model of the CPU to make sure it is what is supposed to be in it and that the shop didn't swap something into it.

    This just feels like a hosing, I am sorry to say.
  4. Found another 2520 on ebay complete with a continental adapter and I couldn't resist the temptation, it was for spares or repair. On plugging in it actually made some noises no monitor life, so I transplanted the top of my LT onto the bottom half and hey presto, it worked. I also gained in memory and HDD size the HDD wiped clean.

    Now I have another problem, I found an old windows 2000 disc which had some numbers scribbled on the cover, old I know but so is the laptop. It installed OK up to the point it asked for the authenticity code, punched in the numbers on the cover and they are not recognised, so now I have an old laptop with half an old system installed and I need to know how to uninstall, at the moment the LT boots to the stage were it asks for a user name and the next stage is the authenticity number so I am stuck in a groove. I have a lot to learn.
  5. Just download, burn to CD, and install Ubuntu Linux. Works GREAT with older machines and will delete the Win 2000 install in the process. Good job on getting the system up and running!
  6. Have downloaded, and burnt to CD, but stuck again.

    On placing cd in laptop got the message, Can't boot because of kernel cmov
    use kernel appropriate to your CPU. Any suggestions please.
  7. Keep in mind that this is a VERY old (in technology terms) system with an old AMD K6-2 processor. You may be have to revert to one of the Linux versions that requires less in terms of hardware support.

    Did some more digging and it appears that Ubuntu no longer supports the K6-2 (just too old). Sorry about my previous recommendation, I was unaware that kernel support for the K6-2 has been dropped in Ubuntu (and many mainstream Linux distros).

    There are several lightweight distros available. One such as Mepis Antix ( should perform well. Puppy Linux will also work with the K6-2.

    Good luck!
  8. Thanks for all your help, the LT is up and running and has been given to my young grandson as a first PC, he is highly delighted and will probably want a faster model in time. Thanks again.
  9. You did good! Hope he enjoys it.
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