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What should be the difference between the case temp and the CPU temp? I have a 1.33GHz athlon and get CPU temp of 56 degrees C and a case temp of 38 degrees C. This spread seems to be too big. I am useing the HS/Fan that came with the CPU, it is retail. How much of a improvement would a different HS/Fan and maybe some artic silver do?.

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  1. Do you have any <b>case fan</b>? It would help air flow inside your case and better cooling.
  2. That is WAY WAY too hot. What is the temp in your room? My room is currently 77F/25C and my CPU is 95F/35C and my cooling for my computer is pretty good. My sys is a 1.33Ghz as well.
  3. Upgrading the CPU fan and its impact will depend on which fan you upgrade to.

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  4. With a good HS/Fan should the case and cpu be only a few degrees apart is what im asking? I don't know why my case wont stay at room temp, about 28C. I have a 80mm intake fan(front) and a 80mm exhaust(rear) which is just below my power supply which has a 60mm exhaust fan also. Is this not a good set-up? I know I need a new HS/Fan and some AS2, but what would be a good one is my other question.

    Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
  5. Hmm if you have the system packed with expansion cards, that bumps up the temperature too. Having an intake fan on the left side panel (like <A HREF="http://www.3dcool.com/" target="_new">3DCool's</A> Tornado Cases) helps a great deal in those situations.

    Oh, and the temperature difference seems to be about normal--my case has a 7-degree temp difference (23 degrees case, 40 degrees CPU). You need to get your case temperature down though.


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  6. that's 17... ;o)

    Mine is a 1.56 Athlon. Cpu runs 13 degrees over mobo temp, which is 4 over ambient.

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  7. One of if the the best HSF units is the Silverado. You can order one <A HREF="http://www.noisecontrol.de" target="_new">here</A>.

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