al 440 lx

I've an al 440 lx with a celeron 500@575 and i'd like to know if i can run it at 100mhz with the technic that tom describes for bx mobos (, cause i'd like to run my cpu @600 or 625
i you can give me some advice, it's cool cause it's my 1rst overcl.

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  1. i had a cellery 500 on a sweet asus board, but i think the 500Mhz celleron is the much older .25 micron die size, and i couldnt get mine anything over 600mhz
    e.g. it worked at a FSB of 66 and 75 no probs, but just died trying 83, even with 100mhz ram and the agp multiplier turned to 2/3

    i just dont think the 500's were built for overclocking.

    cellys are pretty much dead now anyhow. get a duron

  2. Sure, give it a try.

    I have seen celerons 566 @ 1024Ghz so there is a chance your 500 celeron will do 100FSB. make sure you have good HSF. also when cranking celerons up you might need to disable L2 cache to help find sweet spot. re enable it when your at the Mhz your comfy with.

    Another option for the LX chipset.
  3. Also...

    has a nice CPU database with chip part numbers and mfg date to help you zero in on exactly what FSB your CPU can reach.
  4. I don't think the LX "officially" supports 100MHz FSB. Maybe I'm wrong.

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