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Sorry for not using "the right form", but i only have a few requirements for my future laptop and wanted to hear some opinions.

So, it should be not bigger when 13.3.. well maybe 14 would do, but i intend to carry it around so 13.3 seemed best size when i checked in store. For most part i will usually only use it for studies and well, things most people use it, so no special requirements here.
But things can never be that simple.. i would like to have an option to run world of warcraft ocassionally (and well, really ocassionally, i do have desktop for serious gaming, but i would like to be able to log in, do some arenas if needed (no need for things that really stress computer like raids). I don't need it to run other new shiny games or to run wow after 5 years or to run on max graphics or anything like that.

The question is: does any option within acceptable price range exists? i dont have decided amount of money but less is better off course. What i mean is, i don't want to pay 2 times more or something similar for that, so can i find something that fits my needs? while wow min requirements seems quite low, checked my country's sellers and didn't seem to see anything i could use (haven't much time for that yet, so that doesnt mean that kind of thing doesnt exist i quess).

Thank you in advance.
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  1. it would be better if you fill in the requirements so we can have better input to what your needs and price is.
    honestly for 13.3 and 14inch laptops that have portability and can game. I am in the same boat cept i have bfbc2 and sc2 that i wanna play when i lan. Want those to run at medium quality so my budget is $700-800. Acer 3820tg has the i3 or i5 with 5650 at 13inch can be found in canada between the prices i mentioned. Acer 4820tg old model is $700 at microcenter with i5 and 5650 and the refreshed is $800 with a better i5 and 6550 (refreshed 5650). They switch between graphics so battery life should be expect to be 5-6 hours on power saving with intel graphics and the i5 or i3. Again plz fill out the form i can help you alot better.
  2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834152207
    try this one, its cool as hell with the touch input in the keyboard in the above part
    msi rocks
  3. Espada is on the right track. I don't think you should be looking at 13.3". You have to compromise on either features(DVD,ports) or price($1500+) Here's a 14" Acer Timeline with 6550 for $800.
    Acer Aspire TimelineX AS4820TG-6847 NoteBook Intel Core i5 480M(2.66GHz) 14" 4GB Memory DDR3 1066 640GB HDD 5400rpm DVD Super Multi AMD Radeon HD 6550M

    HP Envy 14 or Asus N82 are other options but cost around $900-$1000.
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