An IPS 3D Monitor or an IPS 3D TV

I've been thinking about getting a IPS led monitor such as the LG DM2792D for the added benefit of inbuilt 3d and tv tuner. The price of such monitors are approx 750 dollars.

However I have discovered that the LG Cinema Display 3DTVs are also IPS panels and for a 42inch the going price is 790 on Amazon.

What is your professional opinion on the matter? Besides from the comfort of smaller screens of a monitor is the technology (response time, contrast ratio...) so much better than the TV that justifies a monitor? or are the technologies the same and should I use the TV as a monitor?

Cheers guys/gals
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  1. Even though IPS 3D monitors work at 60hz without the need to run on a 120hz monitor, most people find 3D Vision, 3Dtv play, and HD3D still require a connection able to carry 120 FPS worth of info at 1080p. This means that unless the TV supports HDMI 1.4b, you will likely be force to play at 720p. I'd look at the monitor version, as it's far more likely to support what is needed to run at 1080p 60hz in 3D.
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