Laptop won't boot from external CD Drive

My dell Inspiron has a bad hard drive and CD Drive. I have an external drive I'm trying to boot Windows XP from to install on the new hard drive. But it won't boot. Any advice?

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  1. Try going into the BIOS and selecting USB device in the boot order menu to see if that gets it going for you.
  2. I should add I've done that and that didn't work. I also have updated the bios to A09, the latest version.
  3. try pressing on f8 or f11 when the computer boot:

    a menu should pop up and ask on witch device you wanna boot.

    If it still doesn't work you might have a bad CD / DVD disk
  4. Got it. I had to take out the internal DVD Drive. Plug in the external. And tell it to boot from the internal drive.
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