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i just replaced my mobo and for some rerason know my cpu temp in the bios stays around 40 degrees but asus probe says it is running at 54+. does anyone know of a fix for this, the mobo i replaed it with was the exact same model (a7v133)same drivers everything, originally the temps were with 2 degrees of each other. if anyone has any idea's let me know

is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
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  1. Mine's also running about 54 to 55 C also, I have the A7V133 and Asus PC Probe says that, and I have a GlobalWIN FOP38 and good case air flow, so not real sure, I'm thinking it's really off by fair margin, maybe someone can "enlighten" us.
  2. the asus probe is off they are usasally 10 degres high

    i've heard using an other progoram to check tempature will help
  3. Alright, just installed Motherboard Monitor and it's saying 41 C so that's alot better I suppose, but still not into the 30's C where people say it should be.
  4. it all depends are you overclocking the chip our not
  5. mine, duron 850, is mildly o/ced (133*6.5=866) but the BIOS temp is at 40 right now but asus probe keeps telling me 52. like i said earlier the old one was only off by 1-2 degrees, this one is off by at least 10. wtf

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
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