Alienware m11x vs. ?...any ideas?

Hey guys, Im looking for a new laptop for school, my current sony vaio vgn-c140 is just old in every way. Im looking for something a bit smaller (11-12") and lighter than it is (like 5.3lbs). I have a gaming computer at home that can run anything but I tend to like laptops that actually have a little bit of future proof-ness in terms of graphics (after living with a gma-950 I have an avid hatred of integrated graphics, the thing lags moving windows in win7 at 1440x900 really it does). I would like something with a half decent discrete graphics card, a cpu thats about as fast or faster than the one in the sony (intel core 2 duo t5500) and really just smaller and lighter, with much better battery life (the sony does about 2.5 hours), hd video out (VGA must die)...and decent looking. Im a pretty hardcore gamer, but dont really plan on gaming on it, as my desktop will run any game fine. However, if I ever travel or if I get the urge to play a bit of call of duty or whatever at school, it would be nice to be able to (not a must). I found the alienware m11x for $550 and dont really plan to pay any more than that on a new machine. I absolutely love the way it looks, even though it is a touch heavier than I would like. Its size is good though, and from what I can see its quite powerful and capable of good upgrades (ssd, 8gb ram). Now my question is, are there any other good options for this price or lower (must be lower, this is as high as I can go)? Ill be using it for college, I do alot of programming in java right now, and plan to take more computer science classes. Im also going into physics/engineering so any programs that are used alot in those fields may be relevant upon performance. Thanks guys, hope this wasnt too long!

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  2. Ok, since this isnt generating any responses Ill see if I can make it less tedious to read. Is there anything out there that shares all the features of the alienware m11x (discrete graphics (dosent have to be incredible graphics), decent cpu, lots of battery life, small size (10-13") and low to very low weight) for less than $550? Thanks!
  3. This would be a really good laptop for your needs it's very powerful for it's size and price I watched some reviews and it looked really good for the price. But 1 question what games will you play on it??
  4. for $550 im guessing it isn't with the i series? if it is go with it. alienware m11x is in a league of its own.
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