Acceptable Temp?

Hello, I just got a AMD 1.2 Ghz 266 FSB and A7V133 Mobo.
I wanted to know what the "acceptable" temps for this
CPU are? I am not trying to overclock, I have decent
fan/heatsink on top of it, not sure of the name but it's
about 1 1/2 inches high, square and silver. anycase
probably not much of a help.

I know that I need to get a Chasis fan in adition ATLEAST.
Question is what is a good one to get?

Now here is the problem, my CPU constantly starts up at
32 C or so, and within 5 minutes is at 48. if I let it go
to much farther it throws itself up even higher, is there
a problem with the heatsink? should it be heating up this
fast?? did the store possibly leave the selofan (sp? plastic stuff between the chip and thermal grease.) I have
tried to remove the heatsink to take a look but it seems to
be really stuck on there. If so what should I do? Please give me some advice for this. BTW the fan is supposidly rated at 7000 RPM but the Mobo is only reporting 6500.

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  1. ok, first if you're running with the original Asus BIOS that temp is about 10C higher than what it actually is. If you want a fix you can get a hacked BIOS from which will show the right temp.

    My 1Ghz Tbird runs about 34-36C idle, up to 50C under full load if I really push it, otherwise it hovers around 46C.
    If you're CPU is actually that hot, stick your hand inside and touch the sides of the heatsink, if its warm too, then your heatsink is working properly, if its fairly cool then you'll definately want to remove it and check it out.

    what size is your case? if you've got a full tower get a couple of 120mm fans for intake and out. And a good 80mm fan in the rear for exhaust. If you've got a mid-tower, 120mm intake lower front + 92 intake on the side panel + 92mm exhaust would do wonders (That's what I'm doing with mine). You'll have to be pretty comfortable slicing up your case though.

    Did you're heatsink from pre-installed?
  2. Yes the heatsink is very hot, I have the 1004 BIOS
    dated 3/6/01 i believe. The heatsink came preinstalled and the Mobo hooked upto the case. I was pretty upset at the way it was shipped. Pretty sure that atleast somde damage
    must have resulted.

  3. How can you say you have a decent heatsink if you don't know what it is? What you've described matches almost every generic cheap heatsink on the planet (and some of the good ones as well).

    Your CPU will heat up to its operating temp fairly quickly (and usually much faster than five minutes). Of course, if your idle temperature (no programs running) is 48C, that is pretty high and would suggest a cheap heatsink. I would hope your store was not so incompetent as to leave the cellophane on but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to check. It does take quite a bit of force to push down on the clip of the heatsink and get it to release. NOTE: You will need to clean off the old thermal compound and put new stuff on if you remove the heatsink.

    Your fan is operating fine. The 7000rpm rating only indicates a safe operating speed and that running much higher could cause damage. So no need to complain about 6500rpm. Besides, that speed sensor isn't the most accurate. I'm sure you've noticed the rpms changing by as much as a couple hundred rpm in each direction. By the way, one way to try to make up for a cheap heatsink is to use a fan with high speeds to push lots of air. The fans on a really good heatsink can run less than a third the speed of yours (with an equally impressive reduction in noise) and produce better cooling. So that's another indication that your heatsink is far from decent.

    Now after all that, keep in mind that AMD says your CPU will survive up to 95C without frying. My 1.2GHz CPU is currently running at 60C (under a constant 100% CPU utilization) until my Silverado arrives. I haven't seen any signs of stability problems at all. So don't worry too much. As long as you have A heatsink and fan installed correctly you're okay. It's just that your CPU won't last as long if it has to run at 60C everyday versus 40C everyday.
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