Upgrade help (please?)

I'm upgrading my Celeron 533 to a P3-800 and I have a few questions. Maybe someone could advice...
Mobo is Atrend ATC-6310-V. Memory is 256MB Apacer PC-100.
1. My mobo is slot 1, but I'm currently using a PPGA celeron on a converter. Should my P3 be a FCPGA (can I mount it on the card?), or should I buy a slot 1?
2. E, B or EB? My mobo supports 133 FSB, but my RAM is PC100 and I wouldn't want to blow 100 bucks in RAM (and throw away my current one). Can I OC Apacer memory to 133? Or, in the reverse, can I put an EB processor and expect it to work at 100 FSB?
3. Can you reccomend a place where I can buy? I live in Mexico, but I have an international credit card and an adress in Texas, so I can order from anywhere. But returns can be a real hassle, so I'd love to get it right the first time :)
Thanks for you help. I really appreciate it

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  1. check whether you slot1 card supports 133 MHz FSB, in most cases it should.
    or you could get a 800E cpu that runs at 100 MHz FSB. tat will also fix your RAM problem, you wont need to get a PC133 stick.

    if you get a EB chip, it wont run at 800, but a 600, since all intel cpus are multiplier locked, its runs at 6x133=798 (800), so better get a 800E.

    check if your motherboard supports different fsb and ram speeds, my Atrend 7401E supports 133/100/33 (thats fsb, ram, pci in that order), in this case you shouldnt have any problem with EB or B chips either.

    as far as possible dont try to oc your ram, you might run into stability problems.


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  2. If you plan to overclock, get the 700E as this is the FASTEST E processor that will reliably jump from 100 to 133 bus speed (from 700 to 933 MHz). That way, you can find out if your memory will go to 133 safely. You will need to make two changes in order to overclock the new processor to 133
    1.)Set the core voltage to 1.75MHz
    2.)Set the Cas Latency of the memory to Cas3 3-3-3, if split memory timings are not available.
    You should get the FC-PGA socket processor. Find out if your socket converter will support coppermines, if not get a new one.

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