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HELP! Athlon 1.33 a 1ghz?

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April 23, 2001 2:17:06 AM

I have my new system going 1.33 Athlon on the Gigabyte 7ADXC board with the 761 chipset, SBLive 5.1 and Creative Annihilator 2 vid card. First problem the Athlon is reporting as a 1.00 gig processor not a 1.33? Anyone?
The other is a display problem? I get garbled trash on some restarts. All updated drivers including the Via 4 into 1. I thought I had it licked after that because I got refresh rates selectable instead of no options. Im thinking refresh rates are hanging up on restarts? I am probably way off but that is why I am asking here!

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April 23, 2001 2:25:10 AM

did you think to set the fsb at 133mhz yet? The manual helps.

What drivers are you using for the vid card? I found that the creative drives suck. I use the nVidia reference drivers, 7.52 being the latest full ones.

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April 23, 2001 2:34:20 AM

You mean the Gigabyte GA-7DXC?

Gigabyte produces two AMD761 motherboards. The GA-7DXC is their first one and supposedly does not run stable at 133MHz FSB--only at 100MHz FSB. Their other AMD761 motherboard is the GA-7DX (without the C). This is the one I have, and it's rock-solid at 133MHz FSB.

I believe the GA-7DX(C) defaults to 100MHz FSB. This can be changed via a blue block of 4 white DIP switches. If you feel daring, you can try setting the FSB to 133MHz--but I wouldn't guarantee its stability, nor would I even guarantee the motherboard will allow itself to run that way.

As for the VIA 4-in-1, you DON'T want the VIA AGP miniport driver on this motherboard. I found out when I got this motherboard that the AGP port is controlled by the AMD761 northbridge; you want the AMD760 AGP miniport driver.


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