Green and red lines on monitor

I have a DEll 2407WFP monitor that periodically displays 2 vertical green lines with a 1 red line in between down the right side of the monitor (about 2 inches from the left border). We can rule out the computer or the video card because the same thing happens to the same monitor with two computers (using different operations systems). The similar things are power cord, cable and monitor. I am assuming this is a monitor issue. What I want to know is what my options are.


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  1. If it is past the warranty then your only real option is to replace it when it becomes too bad.
  2. I was thinking more along the lines of repair. I know there are different kits out on the market. I just was not sure if the problem I have can be fixed by one and if anyone had had any experience fixing/troubleshooting monitors.
  3. This is not a power problem; you would need to replace either the main driver board or the LCD module. It is cheaper to purchase a new monitor.
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