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In the market for new MECHANICAL keyboard and mouse, no experience whatsoever in this department, im not particuarly an FPS kinda gamer (though im considering getting some soon) and play mainly RTS like starcraft/AOE and also Guild Wars Diablo 3 etc the ones im looking at are the Razer Black Widow Ultimate (£75)and the Razer mamba (£80-£100), dont feel like spending anymore on the mouse, the keyboard i could probz stretch to £110, i dont particuarly like the corsair 7g 6gv2 due to the ? button not being next to the shift button but really any other mechnical keyboard should be fine if you think its more suited to those games :D
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  2. i also like the idea of clicky keys and some people have said the keys on the keyboard mentioned are a little TOO soft actuation force for some people im used to typing on a laptop keyboard at the moment but hey I suppose ill get used to it haha! can you reccomend any clicky key (blue switch, or the clicky without noise switch not sure on the color of that think its brown...) that would better than this one?
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