So what would you do?

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FW139E and my battery needs replacing. I found an after-market battery online and ordered it. The site seemed legit but now I'm wondering.

The main thing is that the instructions are in such poorly-written English that I'm not 100% sure how to proceed. Apparently they say I need to update my BIOS for this batter and imply that if the files aren't compatible that I'd need to send my laptop off to have the BIOS fixed.

It seems there is an option to install using safe mode and that it would first verify that the bios update is compatible with my machine before it makes the update. But it's hard to tell.

So, um, would I be crazy to attempt this? What would YOU do? Has anyone ever heard of having to update a laptop's BIOS to use an after-market battery?

Here are the instructions from the two different documents on the CD. My questions/comments are in red.

1,Ways to how to install the CD driver in windows 7 OS and Vista OS

Please copy the software in CD to your laptop ,choose the logo ,click the right mouse ,double click “Run as administrator” then can install it correctly. show as below:

2,Please quit the anti-virus software and firewall software before installing the CD driver program ,or may cause installing failure.

3 , If you install the CD driver as instructed ,the laptop wonot boot itself after closing automaticlly ,it may not be compatiable your laptop .This ratio is very small . We feel pity that our battery can not be 100% compatiable with all modes at present because of so many laptop models. Please repair your laptop in the professional refreshing motherboard BIOS company to make your laptop work again. If you can not find the suitable repairing company,please concact your supplier ,we will try our best to restore it.Usually,it can be finished within one day as long as your hard driver is same state .

4, The CD driver program wonot destroy any laptop hardware device, but there will be the danger that may not succeed in installing ,please choose carefully before installing!!

5,If your computer damaged due to this driver,we will not undertake any responsibility!

So what they're saying is the worst that can happen is that my BIOS will be hosed.

And here are the instructions from the second document

1. Copy the “BPS13setup.exe” file from the attached CD diskette to your computer.
NOTICE: This Program can not run on the disk directly.

2. Double click “BPS13setup.exe”, show as below:

There are two choices to install the driver: One is “Safe Mode”, which is default mode;another is “High Compatibility Model”.When you fail to install the “Safe Mode”,please choose “High Compatibility Model”.Followings are the instructions to install the two modes :

“Safe Mode” installation way:

1)Click “Continue”! show Bios update message:

A : If don’t plug AC adaptor and battery simultaneously,or capacity of battery is below 30%,and so on,should prompt relative error message and can not update Bios,in order to avoid destroy your compute for no power during updating (Pic1)

What I gather from this is that I need power when updating my BIOS or I'm screwed. I plan to use my AC adaptor and will have the old battery installed while doing the update.

B: If all conditions are satisfied,show as below: (Pic 2)

Remark:If running “BPS13setup.exe” is first performed in your compute ,prompt message include: “Killprocess=ISBMgr.exe
StopAutostart=ISBMgr.exe”, which would make your computer not prompt abnormal battery ,but not charge non-original battery ,recommend you use original battery for update process!

I don't quite understand what they mean here but I do get that they're recommending that I use the original battery (not the new one) for the update process. I'd have the AC adapter plugged in as my old battery is lousy and the new one has no charge.

C: If accept licensing agreement and click the “ Accept agreement” option ,after click “Update” command ,would automatically complete update process and restart your computer!( Pic 3)


1),File mode is safety mode,update bios files are verified with relative notebook, recommmend select this mode! I think this means they recommend using safe mode as it will first verify that the bios files will be compatible with my laptop. I think...

2),Patch mode will update BIOS patch files ,Update files are not verified! Sounds like this would be a bad idea as the files wouldn't be verified.

“High Compatibility Model”installation way:

1) Double click “BPS13setup.exe”, show as below:

Choose“High Compatibility Model”as above Click “Continue”! They don't really explain why I should or shouldn't choose this mode. They don't say that files are verified or not. Above they do say that they recommend the 'Safe Mode' option so I guess I'd use that.

2)show as below:

Click “Agree”!
3) show as below:

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  1. Chances are, you will get a nice virus that will wipe out your machine or you will corrupt your BIOS, rendering the system non-bootable.
    I can not tell you what to do, but I would not do that if I were you. Always look for reputable sources and consider the value of your peace of mind. What it may look like a bargain will not seem so after a mishap.
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