Best Gaming Monitor for around $200?

I'm looking for a new monitor mainly for gaming, so I'm assuming the most important thing I need to look for will be refresh rates and low response times. Ideally, I'd like to grab one for around $200 but I can go as high $300 if it's for a monitor that's truly worth the extra coin.

What would you guys suggest? I currently have an old Samsung SyncMaster 225BW that's starting to go out, plus it doesn't seem to be able to keep up with the output of my system.

I sit about 3ft or less away from my monitor so I don't need anything too big, or too bright for that matter. 24" or less should be fine. My videocard is Gigabyte 670 OC.

Right now I'm looking at this Asus:
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  1. I would say Asus is the way to go if you are looking for an inexpensive, but decent to good quality monitor and is good for games. The VW246H is pretty good, but also old since it was originally released back in Nov/Dec 2008. I guess most people are interest in something with LED backlight nowadays.

    I actually have it's sister, the Asus VK246H. The only difference is the VK has a built-in webcam. You can read my detailed review of the VW/VK246H in the following thread. The actual review starts with the 4th post.
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