Bootable and customized Win7/WinXP OS on flash USB

Hello everyone,

I am a newbie from the Netherlands and I am asking for some help with the following:

I want to create a bootable flash usb with a customized tiny Win7 of WinXP as a OS with a few admin tools i want to use for support on pc's/laptops.

Tools i want to use are like:
-Norton Ghost
-Malwarebytes Antivirus
-Ad Aware SE

The ideal scenario should be that i can choose a menu when the flash usb has started with the following:
1. Northon Ghost (to image a partition/disk to another HDD partition or disk))
2. A tiny OS of Win7 or WinXP (to start OS with some admin tools like CCcleaner ,Malwarebytes Antivirus ,Ad Aware SE )
3. MSDos or something else

I have been reading several websites and used tools like PE builder,WinToFlash or Winbuilder but i never could make it work like i described now..

Does anyone have a good solution and procedure to make this happen?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. This is a brilliant website has lots of programs and will much what you are searching for i hope so just look on the left for some rpograms and check if they will work im not 100% sure but i used it to install hiren's boot and win 7 so just try it :D
  2. Thanks Adrianc! I tried that also, but the thing is i want to use it as i desribed in the former post. If i use Hirens CD i have a lot of stuff that i really don't want. U want to customize your own flash USB with the tools you are using for sure.

    But thanks for the reply in the meantime.
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