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Asus has so many models - in the 22" size any itea as to which is the better gaming (rpg's) monitor??
ty in advance
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  1. Hi Again:
    Just to expand on the above question a bit..
    I am (based on size and a hdmi input) looking for a quality, but good value Full HD 22" Gaming monitor. I am considering -
    Viewsonic VX2253MH-LED
    HP x2301 micro thin LED
    and an Asus - ? the model
    I mainly do RPG games such as EQ2 and GW2 (and an occasional avi type movie)
    When looking at the Asus line up I got a bit bogged down by the huge variety in 22" monitors on their web site, so thought to ask here -
    1.) Which Asus 22" monitor might be amonst the best value gaming choice
    2.) Which of the above Viewsonic / HP / Asus might be the best choice?
    3.) Maybe I missed a make/model, if so that would be nice to hear about.
    Thx again in advance..
  2. Just go to and read some user comments about the various Asus monitors. For something inexpensive, I think Asus monitors are the way to go. They are pretty inexpensive, but decent to good build quality. As for which one I would recommend, the would be the old VK246H or it's sister the VW246H (does not have built-in webcam) since it own it.
  3. Thx for that Jaguarskx..
    Unfortunatly the VW & the VK models are not available where I live. So of the HP & the Viewsonic modles mentioned above, which would you (or others) recommend?
    Went to the NewEgg site, spent over an hour there.. great site thx!
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