Dell 23" LED Monitor problem with HDMI

Hi all, I'm kinda new so please bear with me if I am unclear etc... 2 weeks ago I bought and MSI HD R7850 Twin Frozr III graphics card and to complement it, I just bought a 23" Dell LED monitor. The problem lies in the following:

When I connect my graphics card to my monitor via the HDMI cable, the screen is not taken up completely, i.e: there is a black border around the picture which is displayed on the monitor. Also, I noticed that width and height adjustment are not available when connected in HDMI (they are unselectable [for lack of a better term]). I connected the monitor in VGA mode to the graphics card and everything works just fine (no borders etc...). I would really like to connect my monitor in HDMI but won't do so if it means sacrificing 1 cm all round the screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Hi,
    Did you ever solve this problem?
    If not, you may want to look through all your settings on the monitor and your computer to find anything relating to 'overscan'.
    Try changing them (if its off turn it on, and vice versa) as When i first went to a HDMI monitor, the edges were all off the screen - not the same but overscan being on was the problem.
  2. Yes, I solved the problem 2 weeks ago. It is as you said, I had to change the overscan slider to full from the CCC.

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