HP Pavilion Celeron Upgrade ?

A question to Those That Know from One Who Doesn't. I've got a HP Pavilion 466, circa 12/2000, which I'd like to warm up with a CPU upgrade. I see that there is a 667 (700) with a 66 bus speed .... is this a straight forward drop-in ???? The use is virtually just biz and presentation development, so I don't need the horsepower ( with the expense) I've seen described here ! And I've increased the memory to 256Mb....

Appreciate the help & expertise ...


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  1. This is going to be a none answer... Well kind of. What is the exact model of the computer? Once you have that, HP's website might be able to tell you what CPU's are supported and other issues pertaining to you computer. I only work on HP's when I have to fix them, so all I really know about them in general is that they are pretty to look at and a bitch to work on (well some of them anyway). What CPU you can use depends on the motherboard and BIOS revisions. Since HP gets their boards made custom, they are the best ones to ask of information.

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  2. You most likely have an Asus OEM motherboard, simialr to there retail motherboards but with the bus setting removed (to prevent overclocking) Look for a big modle number silkscreened on it, like MEB-VM or something, then let us know. You can probably upgrade to a PIII or Celeron 800 (100 FSB). It depends on the board itself.

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  3. i had the 6545c HP and i was told that they ship them out with the biggest cpu for the mother board....if you want a faster cpu, buy a new bigger case, new motherboard with lots of room to upgrade cpu wise and ram and slots things like that, and buy a bigger cpu. that is what i had to do and it's not really that expensive to do. you swop most of your other stuff over (cd rom, floopy, ram, modem/ether card, sound card, etc) this is what i did and i don't have alot of money to do things. or else you could over clock you cpu to a faster speed and that might keep you happy.

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