palomino have thermal protection?

i was just wondering if anybody knew if the palomino had thermal protection.
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  1. I don't think AMD can afford to put thermo protection on their chips, they would lose the "2 for 1 sales" advantage! :smile:

    seriously, I have not heard of any AMD rep mention any future thermo protection on their chips, if someone has by all means supply the url.

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  2. yes it is spose to have thermo protection
  3. Yes, it will have it.
  4. "I don't think AMD can afford to put thermo protection on their chips, they would lose the "2 for 1 sales" advantage!"

    Is this really necessary? If you have any real information one way or the other we would love to hear it but stop the amd hate remarks already..
  5. It will have thermal protection? Where do you guys get your 'facts' from?

    Here is what Ace's Hardware recently reported about the Palomino:

    + Starts at 1533 MHz
    + Hardware Prefetching
    + Improved Branch-Prediction Unit
    + New Mobo Socket Will Not Required

    - No SSE2
    - No Longer Pipeline
    - No Isotopically Pure Silicon
    - Not In Distribution Channels Until Q3 2001

    If you know more than Ace's (re: 'thermal protection'), give us a source/link for that statement.
  6. i herd that it will be 30% cooler then the tbird is this true? i looked at aces and didnt see anything about that

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  7. In about 20 days, I'll be at the AMD conference and will post any info that I recieve. If anyone has any questions they'd like to ask about anything AMD, I'll pass them along and let people know.

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  8. Tell them I said wussup? plz. Are you guys sure the new palmino's would work on a 760 based MoBo?

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  9. I sure hope it doesn't. Automation usually means 'limitation'.

    Ever tried tweaking the source code for windows, to make it run faster on your computer?
  10. >I sure hope it doesn't. Automation usually means 'limitation'.

    Excuse me?
    Please explain how thermal protection would be a limitation?

    In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
    In practice, there is.
  11. I don't think those have been confirmed, as I've heard from A LOT of other places that it will have isotopically pure silicon...... let's wait and see, I guess.

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  12. Even IF it does have a cooler running core (rumored but unconfirmed), I don't believe a 1.53GHz Palomino will run much cooler than a 1.33GHz T-bird.

    I wouldn't expect heat dissapation characteristics to change dramatically on AMD CPUs until the .13 micron Thoroughbred.
  13. As IntelConvert posted above, aceshardware reported...

    "No isotopically pure silicon for Palomino"
  14. aceshardware is not AMD.

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  15. I understand where you're coming from Griz, but Ace's is a premier hardware site (along with Anand's, Sharkey's and Tom's), so they are (usually) very responsible in their reporting.
  16. Here is the URL of Tom's latest take of the Palomino core.

    <A HREF=" " target="_new"> </A>

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  17. does aces reveal their sources? where do they get there info from? same place we do, gossip? give us the link to the almighty aces so we can check this out.

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  18. Not (that wouldn't be responsible reporting)! They got that info. during an interview with AMD's Head of Public Relations in Central Europe.

    FYI, here's a recent release from The Register...

    <i>AMD Palomino to debut at 1.53GHz
    By: Tony Smith
    Posted: 09/04/2001 at 11:18 GMT

    AMD's Thunderbird Athlon core will be taken to 1.5GHz over the coming months, with a part at that speed and another at 1.4GHz to fill the gap between the top-of-the-line chip and the current 1.3GHz Athlon.

    That's what German site Planet3DNow! has claimed, according to an English translation over at the VR-Zone.

    With Intel's P4 already running at 1.5GHz and the 1.7GHz part coming in a couple of weeks, it's no wonder AMD wants to accelerate its own efforts.

    The arrival of the 1.5GHz Thunderbird Athlon paves the way for 1.53GHz, 1.6GHz and 1.67GHz parts based on the Palomino core, which was due to have shipped by now, but now won't arrive until Q3.

    Morgan - the new Duron core - is set to ship in the same timeframe, at 950MHz.

    Palomino will support enhanced branch-prediction unit and hardware-prefetching, the site reports. It estimates the die size at 150mm2, containing 46 million transistors. Palomino will be fabbed in Dresden and copper interconnect technology. Morgan will be fabbed in Austin, but use aluminium interconnects. Support for Intel's SSE2 instructions haven't made the cut, apparently. ®</i>
  19. bwahahahahahaha!!!! looks like the Palomino is already fried next to the tbird pic.

    did someone order kfc?, mmmm yum.


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  20. You are the stupidest person I have ever seen. If you would have READ THE WORDS, and yes that's what those are, you're supposed to read them, you would UNDERSTAND (if that's possible in the first place).

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  21. LOL Meltdown, do you even own an Intel product? You scream and yell about how AMD sucks, but you never say anything about your awesome Intel system. What's wrong with the picture here?


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  22. hahaha,lol @ you. I don't need to read the words, all I see is a burnt cpu, doa.


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  23. my dualies are too awesome for this board.

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  24. The palomino has been shown running without any fan at all just a heatsink, hows that for themal protection????

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  25. Quote:
    my dualies are too awesome for this board.

    then get the hell out and leave us alone.

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  26. Being on demo doesn't count pencil dick. Geese loser AMD is scrambling and they are going find that Intel isn't to be [-peep-] with.


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  27. "Being on demo doesn't count"

    Err, ok yeah. Hmmm, guess that counts for Intel too then huh? What about the fact it is going into laptops this quarter? Face it muffin head, its a done deal.

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  28. If it runs without a heatsink, then there's some limiting going on. So if you're not cooling it enough, you'll never get the full power of the processor (which was the point of my last post).

  29. Oh, you mean like the pentium 4?

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  30. Yeah, I read that article.

    Whether or not it's true, if you can run the proc. without a heatsink, there's a catch in there somewhere. A multimeter hooked up to the 3.3v and 5v rails would answer that question in a couple of seconds.....
  31. Hold the phone dude, no one said without a heatsink, I said without a fan, pretty sure it still had a heatsink.

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  32. So what's the power comsumption/radiation from the chip? 40watts? 30watts?
  33. 20-25 watts

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  34. Ncogneto:
    Would you please tell me where you got that '20-25 watts' from (are you talking about about the Palomino)? Last I read, the 1.53MHz Palomino will consume just about the same power as a 1.33MHz T-bird. So if you have a link to confirm your statement, I would really like to see it!
  35. Last I heard the 1.5Ghz Palomino's power output was on par with a 1.2Ghz T-bird: ~65 Watts. It is definitely more than 25 Watts!
  36. 65 watts in a notebook? come on get real!

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  37. Well the palomino will have AMD PowerNOW! the Current Durons and K6-2 notebooks use them. When the Notebook is doing nonthing it lowers the the CPU clock down 100 or 200 mhz. To save battery life.

    the 2.0ghz northwood p4 will use around 35w - 50w i hear. Its all copper and .13 micron

    Northwood P4 + i845(brookdale)+ 1gb PC100 SDRAM + SCSI3 640 +ATi Radeon 2 = Dream Team :cool:
  38. Well, *MY* CPU is a BIGGER and BETTER one than yours! If you dont like it, I'll get my daddy on you...
  39. Careful now... rcf likes "having" peoples daddies!!!

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