Via Cpus anyone???

What do you all think about the VIA cpus? Would you buy one?

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  1. i dont think so, might be a good option for cheap socket370 startup machines that could be later on upgraded to p3 later

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  2. I'm wondering how to pitch the cpu to my sales team-we are thinking of bringing them onboard at work. Via is determined to snag a 10% cpu market share. We just want to be among the first to catch the train-but that's always hard. It's easier to sell a product when there's demand for it.
    What are your thoughts?
  3. Step 1: Look at the benchmarks

    Step 2: look at the price

    Step 3: repeat for other low end cpu's (celeron, Duron)

    Currently the duron looks like the strongest low end cpu.

    Also the high end CPU's cost ~ 300.00. Which is what a lower end CPU was around 1.5 years ago.
  4. The Via is gearing up to compete with the Intel Celeron since they have such a good technological relationship between them due to the fact that AMD buys their VIA chips. So I'm wondering how the VIA cpu will do against an Intel Celeron...
  5. If the Cyrix M2 is anything to judge by, I'd stear clear of the MIII. I heard somewhere they have no L2 cache! Is this true?

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  6. The VIA cpus with integrated L2 cache are coming out in May
  7. They will have L2 cache, but the FPU will be weaker then the one in the old Cyrix M2. Forget about running any games.

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  8. Absolutely they don't care about the benchmarks-this is uniquely targeting people who just want to do their homework or office work and surf the web and stuff. They don't promise great performance at all!
  9. Why not use something that's has been tried and shown to work. The Duron/Via KT133 work. Were as the Cyrix is unproven. Why do you want a Cyrix so bad? Thinks of the money you would lose if the chip turns out to be crap. Like I said the Duron/Via KT133/a combo works great and is cheap. If you want to go cheaper try the KM133 mobo
  10. I don't want the VIA for my own computer- it's to sell it at work. I'm trying to see whether or not there is a market for them out there...We already sell AMD and Intel, Via would be a third processor line. I don't know if you guys know this but when you're a processor buyer, there's not that many options, there's not too many lines of product to buy and test out. It's a big duopoly AMD and Intel and VIA now wants a share of that business.
  11. I have read that a major portion of VIA's plan for the C3 is to market it in China, where it won't be competing as hard with the Intel and AMD processors.

    Here in the States it may make it in notebooks, as it requires little power and runs cool (passive cooling only), which will result in slow notebooks but with good battery life.

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