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Cannot connect to internet through MN-700 router

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November 3, 2004 10:48:00 PM

Archived from groups: microsoft.public.broadbandnet.hardware (More info?)

Hi everyone, I posted a reply of this question earlier,
but it looks like it got deleted.

My problem is that since Ive moved to the other side of
the city (Calgary, Canada), Ive been having issues with my
router. I am still using the same ISP (shaw cable)

When I first set up the router, everything worked fine
with the settings I was using before, until later that
day, when the wireless quit on me. I am still able to
connect to my wireless network via IE, but I have no
connection to the internet (wireless OR by plugging into
the ethernet port on the router). I am still able to
connect to the internet by plugging my laptop directly
into the modem.

I have tried everything I can think of: cloning the MAC
address, disconnecting the power on both the modem and
router, and contacting my ISP regarding my WAN settings
(twice actually). Both times they told me that I should
leave the "host name" field blank. I obtain my IP
dynamically through my ISP. ALso, what strikes me as being
weird is after I log into the base station, it actually IS
displaying the IP given to me by my ISP, but it just says
media disconnected.

I am fresh out of ideas, and of course this had to happen
during mid terms. Like I said I can still connect
directly into the modem, its just an inconvienience.

Does this sound like a router problem to anyone else? ANY
input is greatly appectiated.
Thanks alot guys

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