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I will create a really powerful computer. The computer is intended for gaming & workstation. For that reason I need your advice. Here's my rough plan :

Motherboard : An ASUS Socket A motherboard. Which model do you think is the best?
Processor : AMD Athlon 1.33 Ghz
RAM : 512 MB DDR RAM. PS : What is the highest clock in DDR RAM? 266 Mhz?
Video Card : A GeForce 2 Ultra. Should I choose Creative, Hercules, or other?
Sound Card : Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer 5.1
Processor Cooler : Got any idea?
Video Card Cooler : Got any idea?
CPU Case : Got any idea?
Speaker : I want something from Creative. Which model is the best?
Mouse : Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer
Keyboard : Any keyboard that is better than a standard one?
Hard Disk : Seagate SCSI 10000 RPM 40 GB
Floppy Disk : I want the one that support 512 MB and 1.44 MB. Which manufacterer should I choose?
DVD-ROM : What is the best?
Monitor : No idea.
CD - R : What is the best one? Anyway, any DVD - R out there?

Help/Advice would be really appreciated. If you reccomend a product try to give me a review of the product.

Thank you!

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  1. I would go with an Asus A7V-133, even though it's not a DDR ram board. It has solid performance compared to the current (early) DDR boards. The price jump is not worth the little performance jump you get by going with DDR. I think DDR is the future but it needs some maturing. You can then get 512MB of PC133. FYI, the highest current clock for DDR is PC2100, or 266MHz.

    Graphics Card: Asus, I always go with them simply becuase I have the least touble with them. This does not mean that they are the best though.

    Processor Cooler: If you are going to run the processor in spec then a CoolerMaster EP5-6I51 should do nicely, but use thermal grease.

    Video Cooler: No idea.

    CPU Case: I assume you mean like a tower, whatever looks cool and has enough spaces for extra fans if you choose to get them. Make sure you get a 300W power supply.

    Speakers: I've always liked Altec Lansing, but the Cambridge SoundWorks are nice too. Listen to them, find what YOU like.

    Keyboards: Depends what you want in a keyboard. I like some of the MS Pro keyboards. Like the Internet Pro, or the Natural Pro. If you type like in the traditional style then one of the MS Natural (ergonomic) keyboards might be good for you.

    Floppy: No experince with super floppies.

    DVD: I like the Pioneer Slot load (Current: 106S), cheap and with no tray won't ever block another CD drive.

    Monitor: Samsung, Viewsonic, etc, are all good. You have to find one you like to look at. Note that the Trinitron monitors (this means Samsungs "NF", or any "PureFlat" etc) have 2 faint lines on the screen that sometimes can be seen. Very light, but some people go crazy over them.

    CD-R: If you have the money, I like the Yamaha's, but LG makes a good cheap one.

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  2. Motherboard: Asus A7M266.
    Video card: either one, but I prefer Hercules.
    CPU cooler: check AMD.
    Case: I like Enlight EN-7237 with 300W PS.
    Speaker: Creative Desktop Theater 5.1 DTT3500 Digital
    <b>Floppy Disk : I want the one that support 512 MB and 1.44 MB. Which manufacterer should I choose?</b>
    I don't know what you're talking about! There is no floppy disk can support 512MB! The old one 5.25" can be used with 360K or 1.2MB disks. The 3.5" drive (all newer comp now using it) can support 720KB, 1.44M and 2.88M disks. Imation SuperDisk LS-120 can be used for both with Floppy and 120M disks I think it is the one you're looking for.
    DVD: Pioneer is known for best DVD-ROM DVD-116 (Tray)or DVD-106S (Slot).
    CDRW: Plextor is considered the best but it can be pricey. I have been using Yamaha and it's very reliable especially the <b>SCSI</b> ones.
  3. if you dont want to pay as much for the DTT3500 try the 2500 they are cheep for the same type of set up but if you do plan on getting either the 2500 or the 3500 spend a little extra and get Sound blaster Platinum

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