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I would like to purchase a mini-laptop or a smaller/lighter laptop that will allow my son to connect the internet to play "Club Penguin" and also to use when programing his lego mindstorm. What would be best for less than 500 dollars?
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  1. What is required for the LEGO Mindstorm programming? Would a netbook work?
  2. Thank you. I will have to find the disc for the mindstorm. I am not sure what it needs.
  3. I advise against buying Dell laptops. They are made of shoddy, inferior parts, and never last more than a few years. You should look at ASUS, Toshiba, and Sony. Gateways and Acers are also sub-par.

    For what your son needs, I reccomend nothing over a 10" notebook, probably a netbook.

    This looks ideal: (Red model) (Black model)

    This one is pretty much the same, but it has an AMD CPU+GPU, and the feedback is much more positive. This is the one I'd recommend.
  4. Toshibas are generally the best quality but HPs are the easiest to fix ^_^.
  5. An ACER ASPIRE will work fine- it costs about 330$ and runs windows programs. Hope this helps!
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