BenQ XL2420T vs Acer 24'' GD245HQAbid gaming

I plan to buy a new monitor since I recently found out that my BenQ 2220HD might not be suitable for gaming. I have been using DVI-dual link and just before I ordered the I found out that it doesn't work with dvi-dual link. Does it, or does it not? Is DVI and DVI dual link different?
Otherwise, I was planning to buy the XL2420t benQ but after reading reviews about its image quality, I was trying to find another one and I did I searched on google and didn't find any reviews.. + the nvidia 3d didn't interest me at all, but the acer includes it and that caught my interest! How is the image quality for the acer? the hz and ms is the same, right and the nvidia 3d glasses is included? acer seems to be the best alternative, but it is? this is mainly for gaming, both RPgs, shooters, RTS games, I want it all. I use a gtx 680 and i5 2500k 4.2 for this so hardware is not a problem.
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  2. Hi, looks like specific image quality queries are tricky to answer! I just posted one about the BenQ and having seen yours don't expect much response.
    Did you get it in the end any thoughts?
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