What is the best cpu fan today ?

I currently have an amd T-bird 1200Mhz and it's tempeture is 49-59 c .
I live in Israel , and in mid summer tempeturs can get to 40c outside.
so as i see it my cpu will get to higher tempetures and wont work as well.
so i decided to get a new fan to my cpu and the only fans i can get in israel are :GLOBAL WIN
what is the best fan to get ?
thanks for your help
Segev Shaw
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  1. The VolcanoII, it is comparable to the FOP-32 which is not on your list, and performs about the same but has a better reputation. Next time ask in the coolers forum.

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  2. We have the Super Orb in stock and it is quickly diminishing in popularity. I would go for an ARXTECH fan www.arxusa.com or spring for an expensive one in the 50$ range or one of the new copper fans
  3. If the WBK38 is the new copper one from Global Win you couldn't go wrong there. It will probably out pace the Volcano II, in my opinion. The OCZ Gladiator is the best I've seen without direct motherboard mount, and even then the Swiftech 462 does just the same job at $30 more.
  4. Whatever is the largest chunk of copper, and the fastest fan (rpm) strapped on.

    I've heard good results from a hair dryer motor and the wbk38.
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