VIA screwing AMD chipsets on purpose?

<A HREF="" target="_new"> The Inquirer </A> pointed out something that I can't believe I let escape me. It is possible that most of the problems that seem worse with VIA's AMD chipsets than their Intel chipsets are made that way on purpose in order to make their own CYRIX III look like a better performer. If not for<A HREF="" target="_new"> AMD and nVidia's Deal </A>, this could have been catastrophic!

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  1. You may be on to something!!! But right now VIA needs AMD since VIA is fabless and has everyone else putting their cpus together and since they are trying to push a processor that virtually no one seems interested in. I think right now they are going to hang on to AMD as an ally as long as AMD will let them...
  2. AMD is dumb for not developing and manufacturing all there own chipsets in house. Now AMD is at the mercy of VIA (tiwanese buggy engineering) which manufactures most of AMD's chipsets. Now VIA with there Cyrix chip is a direct competitor to AMD and Intel and on top of that Intel is persuading VIA not to make chipsets for AMD in exchange for a license to make chipsets for the P4. The whole thing is a big mess that leaves AMD with nothing but a hope and a prayer.
    I think AMD would be wise to merge or buy out VIA. Not so much for VIA's chipset engineers (as they cant seem to code anyway) but AMD would gain VIA's manufacturing capabilities. Plus AMD would eliminate a threat. VIA wants to be the next Intel just as AMD does.

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  3. I don't know if VIA would sell-they seem to be on a buying binge lately themselves...
  4. VIA sucks. Lets screw up chipset cuz Almost all of via business is chipsets.

    Well i'm waiting for 2ghz Northwood P4 on a i845(brookdale) with 200mhz(400mhz) DDR-SDRAM.

    Thank you.

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  5. Your missing one very valuable point, AMD is very very close with Nvidia who is in term making a chipset for the AMD line as we speak, to be out yet this year. Now that should rankle a few feathers in the Intel crowd that love Nvidia, as well as piss of some AMD users who hate Nvidia. AMD is not stupid, there not going to let VIA hold them hostage. This latest fiasco for VIA may very well be the beginning of some very bad times for them.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  6. Any connection to AMD not being able to ship working samples of the 760MP?

    OEM'S are still without working samples, you will not see a AMD 760MP till the end of the year now, and thats not a release date or a date for ramping production.

    To my understanding the chipset in question for nvidia/AMD venture is for video chipset to comepete with i740. AMD still plans on 3rd parties to produce chipsets = major flaw in AMD systems today.
  7. Ncogneto, its my understanding that Nvidia and AMD is working together to provide a intergrated video product for AMD motherboards using the Nvidia Crush chipset. I dont think nvidia is designing a motherboard chipset for AMD. If Im wrong please post a link to your source of that info.
  8. I would not say that they are dumb... they just don't have the $$ that Intel has. Right now they are concentrating on establishing their CPUs in the CPU market.

  9. Nothing to do with Nvidia here but lets you know AMD is building partnerships.,7802,2706437,00.html

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  10. Reports are that the first chipset will feature integrated graphics with an mx core. The north bridge is already done. The southbridge is undergoing some tweaking ( this is were the imbedded grahics core lies). This is not just an integrated core designed by nvidia but a full blown chipset by both nvidia and AMD. Unfortuantly, the first chipset will have no AGP slot, however the second revision is reported to have a gforce3 integrated core along with an AGP slot much like Intel's I815. Additionally there is a dual channel memory bus (DDR) which should increase bandwith quite a bit over the single channel memory busses DDR saystems are currently using. When you think about it it is not that hard to figure, seeing how Intel and ATI have an agreement for ATI to integrate an onboard solution for intel. In this case however It looks like Nvidia is taking things a few steps further and designing ( with AMD's help ) the chipset from the ground up. This very well could bring with it the advanced memory controller found on the gforce 3's found here:

    All and all this makes sense as nvidia has been working with DDR technology much longer than VIA or ALI. As you can plainly see, DDR is far from dead and still poses a threat to RDRAM.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  11. Interesting. Though at this point its still all speculation. I take any articles that appear on "The Inquier" with a grain of salt. Unfortunatly the other links you provided to ZDNet and Tom's mention no such partnerships between nvidia and AMD. Too bad because it would have added some credability to all this.
  12. Try this:

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  13. Or this:

    You can see that such a product is in the works, that looks to be very promising. You can see even why nvidia is doing it as well, they needed AMD's hypertransport Tech in which they included into the x-box. Looks to be a mutually beneficial arrangement and even microsoft gets something out of the deal. If you are interested look back a page and see where MSI is negotiating a deal with Dell as well to supply them with AMD motherboards ( MSI is another one of these "partners")

    Basically what you are seeing is a difference in companies. While Intel prefers to do as much as it can by itself, AMD being much smaller try's to build working relationships with others that are mutually benenficial to both. While taking awhile to get going in the long term it makes great business sense for AMD.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  14. compete with the I740????? gimme a break! As for AMD putting off there 760MP, so what, better to wait and have a thourghly tested product, then rush it to market and then find bugs. From what I understand the chipset is ready, they are waiting on the release of the palimino to accompany it. AMD knows it has one good shot and making inroads into the business sector and they are not going to rush it out just to say they have one.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  15. Interesting indeed. I agree this partnership between AMD and Nvidia could be very promising for the AMD platform. I really want to like AMD but I've been burned before by shotty VIA motherboards. I really hope AMD/Nvidia can pull this off. Nvidia defintely has there act together when it comes to video chipsets.. hopefully they can be as successful in the motherboard arena.
  16. What is even more important is to look at the big picture. AMD is not looking for short term goals, they are looking well down the road. I think they just may have a perfect business strategy for this. For instance they have also allied with IBM to some degree, getting ther SOI technology and IBM is reported as going to use AMD processors in there entry level servers soon. The picture so many people paint of AMD being out there alone is not necessarily the case at all. Are they as big as Intel? Heck no, but is bigger always neccesarily better?

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  17. you have it wrong..
    Brookdale is a low end chipset INTEL is making for low end systems....

    DDR is for low end systems and will not be as fast as RAMBUS..

    it is a marketing platform for low end ONLY..

    Northwood is the same P4 only smaller with 47x pins and 512 cache...

    I have seen northwood on the reg and high end chipsets
    like 870 and 8xx, both in single , dual and quad..
    all using RAMBUS

    brookdale is merely for the budget gateway special like MAD users like..
    but it will not be the premiere chipset like 870 +
    those are for RAMBUS and SERIAL ATA


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  18. Why say sorry tomorrow they will flame you its their monkey thing they do. Kinda like a cult or something, once one gets all mad they all get mad. Very very funny to watch.


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