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  1. no such thing. Go buy a windows 32 bit and wipe your pc and install it.
  2. Not sure what you actually want.

    There is no way to convert Win 64 bit to Win 32 bit.

    Win 64 will emulate a win 32 envronment automatically for any applications that are 32 bit native.

    To change from a 64 bit OS to a 32 bit OS, reimage the machine with a legitimate copy of Win 7 (buy one).
  3. There's no converter for that, but you can reinstall 32-bit version with 64-bit key as long as it's the same licence, i.e. Home Premium.
    You can get the ISO from here:

    Edit: Worst case scenario is that you'll have to do a phone activation
  4. Win7 32-bit (x86) has less memory overheads as the pointers are half the size.
    If you only have 2GB, 3GB or even 4GB of RAM you may end up with more free memory.

    99% of Win32 processes are limited to just under 2GB anyway.

    Maybe he has a piece of hardware, or software, that just does not work under x64 without resorting to more technical configuration changes, etc?
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