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Hey i just got a new rig and first time using an LCD monitor, im having a ton of problems i get daily headaches my eyes get dry way to fast constantly being unconformable, never had this problem with other monitors even being on the computer for the whole day.

My Monitror is an Asus vs248
i think the main problem is the brightness is set to 100 in the options menu, but i cannot change it..the option is grayed out how can i fix this?
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  1. You mean you cannot change the brightness using the on screen settings, or in Windows?
  2. screen settings, and i can't seem to find brightness for windows (maybe im just dumb)
  3. You cannot change the brightness in Windows, only at the monitor itself.
  4. then why did you mention it :S lol confused me, soo why cant i change it on my monitor then?
  5. The monitor should have a menu button that should get you to the OSD (On Screen Display) menu from there you need to navigate using the buttons on the monitor to the section which allows you to adjust the brightness and contrast. Additionally, the monitor should by default have buttons for you to adjust the brightness; typically they are the same buttons you would use to navigate in the OSD menu.

    Consult the manual for help.
  6. Or you could just adjust the brightness and contrast from the graphics card control center.
    I tried changing brightness from my LCD on screen, but after a few seconds the brightness was reset again, so i done it from the catalyst control center.
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