Guys help me please :(

Hey guys. I've got a big problem. I dual boot win98 and win2k. Recently my system crashed under win2k (a rare occurance) and when I restarted back into win2k, I got a blue error screen saying something was wrong (run virus check, chkdsk, etc.) I couldn't do anything about it, except on every few reboots it did let me in. Very weird. Well it was too frustrating for me so I decided to format and reinstall win2k. No big deal until after the installation on the first boot, it gave me a different blue error screen. Another one I have never seen before. Do you think it has something to do with my win98 installation? What could cause this to happen and what cna I do to fix it? This new blue error screen saids that I have a software/hardware problem and whatnot. Please help me! Send any suggestions to my email addy:

thanks a lot!!
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  1. Do you have both operating systems on different partitions/drives or on the same logical drive letter? If the former, you most likely have a hardware problem. If the latter there may be a conflict between the two operating systems.


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  2. No its not a hardware problem

    I had the same problem TWICE

    I had 98 and 2000 installed
    and one day going into 2000

    Both of my partitions were WIPED

    2000 does not like 98 at all

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  3. That's odd I ran into the same problem. I was using 2K and decided to run 98 for games... Then found out why I had switched to 2K to begin with and tried to do the dual boot thing... Eversince then I can't even install 2K... Crappy crap crap... I think it has to do with Partition Magic and my HD.... I'll have to see.

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  4. I may be more helpful if you would post the exact error message that you are getting. If your getting a BSOD you should see an error code.
  5. Same type of error, only it was a Win98/Linux problem. The dual boot worked without a hitch for quite a while, then all of a sudden Linux crapped out, and soon after so did windows. After that, on a complete format and reinstall, I could only get windows to run. I eventually just pulled another hard drive out of a different machine, and put linux on that. The dual boot works fine now.
  6. if you have win98 and win2k on the same partition there is a tendencie to have a problem with the registries bleeding into each other. try re-partitioning your HDD with one primary and 1 logical drive. format the c: drive with FAT32 for win98, then format the d: drive with ntfs and install 2k. once had a similar problem that fixed it.

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  7. well they are on seperate drives. C:\ is win98 and D:\ is win2k. Is my only option to reformatt win98 and rreinstall it all? If thats the case, I will just format with win2k and throw away win98 lol. Save the trouble, and win2k is so much smoother and better :(
  8. Soneone help! What am I supposed to do? Just reformatt everything? That is totally ghey
  9. Are you overclocking at all? On anything?
  10. What the heck is going on here? Do you have 3 user names?

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  11. Why are you using Win98 any way? Havent you heard. 98 is for pussies.
  12. <A HREF=",5594,2430684,00.html" target="_new">Maybe this link will help...</A>It's a How-To from ZDNet.

    Or, maybe <A HREF="" target="_new">this article</A> from

    Hope that helps!

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  13. Maybe he has multiple personalities?
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