Richard Matheson on I Am Legend

Article written by David Konow.

Bestselling author Richard Matheson wrote the novel that inspired Will Smith's blockbuster "I Am Legend." Matheson discusses the film adaptation and how the movie's success has led to new popularity for his work.
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  1. Thanks for posting that, I had just finished reading the book after seeing the movie, both of which I enjoyed for different reasons.
  2. Did anyone see 28 days later by danny boyle?

    Same story, 100 times better movie. I guess holywood just needed an american version with a crappy famous actor. To bad it sucks.
  3. I saw the sequel 28 Weeks Later (although I heard the first one was better), definitely some parallels but I Am Legend was much better, even though it was too short. Really when the movie ended, this should have been a midway point. The second half should of been about their escape from New York.
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