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Is it possible to take two files, put them together, and record them at a slower bit rate???????
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  1. 1. Combine 2 files? Why? To get slower bit rate?

    2. Slower bit rate? Why? To get smaller file size?

    3. If you want slower bit rate you can convert to slower bit rate of ONE file. I do not know the easy way, but I convert to wav and then reconvert to slower bit rate mp3.

    This site is cool.
  2. Err... Do you mean combine them as in MIX them, or as in link them together (ie one after the other?). Although I don't know how to do either, it shouldn't require a change in either bitrate OR frequency.

    BTW bitrate is mainly to find a balance between quality and size, but I NEVER go below 128 if I can help it...
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