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Unfortunately, work and other interruptions have largely prevented me from opening up the Linux system I put the Beta on to prevent having to use proxy services in my main PC.

That said, I have to say a few things to justify the privilege of being chosen to have the first slice of Beta - I rarely find myself in the illustrious company of so many Mods. :D

My main beef is the right column as it now is in the new layout. I have the summary of recent threads which will be useful as a quick method of finding them and I have Latest news and Latest Reports which are currently empty. Below that is a space for adverts but being unable to remove that column squeezes the main purpose of the site into the left and middle to the point where it's hard to read. It's making the original Forum unreadable in my netbook already and hard to read on a 19" widescreen.

I know we need ads to pay for the site but do they have to have a third of the form?

My only other point is that we can no longer collapse sub-Forum groups we don't post into or regularly read.

Apart from that I will get used to it and the changes will be worth joining up into an integrated Forum which should be richer than before.

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  1. I was able to collapse sections of the main page when I originally tested it. Perhaps they've changed this and I didn't notice. I'll have a squizz at it again tonight.

  2. It must be me because it works now but when I tried before, the "date and updated by" column blanked out. I wanted to test whether new posts started out as discussions or questions buy default and note that the tick box to "Ask the Community" is clear by default.

    Does that mean every new post is a Discussion by default and if so, will it cause best Answer issues that concern some folks, as witness this thread:-

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