Im experiencing a monitor which goes blank out of a sudden while im using the computer the screen goes black but the hard disk light is flashing indicating the pc is still working although when it happened i was using messenger's chat and the voice just goes and that indicates that the program stopped. this happened 3 times during different periods and each time while i was using yahoo or msn messenger voice chat.
also when i tried to restart the pc windows couldnt load and the pc goes off on its own, and once i got the blue screen telling me the pc has encountered a problem and didnt shut down properly. after 3 attempts i managed to get the startup repair and i was told that it couldnt fix the problem.
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  1. What are your system's basic specifications? We need that information to begin any diagnosis.
  2. ok what kind of specifications? this is what i know:
    its a HP notebook G60
    Microprocessor AMD Athlon Dual Core QL-62
    Graphic Device Nivida GeForce 8200M G
    Current resolution 1366x768
    Refresh rate 60
    System board 303C 08.60
    System BIOS F.54

    anything else needed? and where to find pls?
    thanks so much for ur response.
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