Dear all,
I plan to upgrade my computer with a new processor.
Mainboard: ASUS P2L97
Processor: Pent. II 266Mhz

In this guide:
they suggest a Celeron 466.
However it seems that only Coppermine128 Celerons are available (at least they're a lot cheaper).
Can I fit a Celeron A 566 into an adapter and
my main board?

Thanks a million

- Casper
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  1. you can still find old PPGA Celerons like the 466 online-it shouldn't be too hard. We still have demand and I currently stock the Celeron 500 and 533 PPGA.

    Good luck!
  2. Thanks,
    are you saying then that I CAN'T use an FCPGA Celeron?

    - Casper
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