Dell considering using AMD!!!!!!

I could not believe it, but I read that Dell is in negotiation with MSI for AMD motherboards that use the upcoming nVidia Crush chipset.

I hope this is true, but knowing Michael, he won't tear down his shrine to Andy Grove :tongue:

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  1. Out of that whole entire article you picked out one sentence.
    <<rumor has it Dell is in serious talks with MSI for a deal to supply Dell with Crush-based mainboards.>>

    Thats it? Its hardly anything to get excited over. However, i did enjoy reading all the other tid-bits in that article.. and i espicially agree with the author on this last commment.

    <<The AMD760 chipset proved very popular, even though it doesn't offer major performance improvements over VIA KT133A. People have shown a preference for compatibility and stability over a few meaningless percentages of performance. The instability of the i850 chipset might have hurt the Pentium 4's case more than the higher price did. Hopefully the chipmakers will learn their lessons and make an effort to return to the compatible and stable days of the BX chipset. In the end, compatibility and stability might very well decide the outcome of this processor war.>>
  2. nVidia Crush sounds like some kind of a drink.......

    I am the first and only one with a 16MB GeForce2 GTS graphics card! :smile:
  3. Ya they all drink their own monkey jizz thats why Nvidia and AMD are such good friends. Your number one on my list fer the biggest loser companies around. Ahahahaha


    <font color=red>Being Evil Is Good. Cause I Can Be A Prick And Get Away With It.</font color=red> :lol:
  4. Considering that Dell is (unofficially) an Intel distributor, it is big news. The last time that <A HREF="" target="_new">rumors of Dell using AMD chips was in late 1999/early 2000 when the then-new Coopermines were in short supply.</A> But, back then, Michael Dell did considered <A HREF="" target="_new">the AMD enviroment too fragile</A>
  5. May be time to buy more AMD stock....

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  6. Michael Dell is no dummy. There is good reason why his company is No. 1 in the industry. He knew there were major flaws in the AMD platform (specifically with buggy VIA chipset designs).
    Branded AMD systems are ok if they are well tested by the manufactures.. big corporations are able to test the hell out of there systems and in most cases they make sure that the hardware and software they use will play nice together.. but once end users start swapping sound cards, video cards or adding extra peripherals AMD systems tend to fall apart ***they are not robust, nor stable***. That is exactly why Dell chose to give AMD the finger.
    The other companies that sell AMD systems are taking big risks in hoping end users will not alter there fragile systems. I’m sure a lot of those companies are spending buckets of money on extra tech support staff and replacement parts to support there AMD systems.
    Anyway, Im hopeful that Nvidia can provide a stable mobo chipset and pull AMD away from there reliance on those appalling VIA chipsets.
  7. so true, great post everett6.

    " are the weakest link, good bye!"
  8. No, I believe your half wrong. Sure, at first Dell didn't really want to use AMD because of it being new and could cause compatability problems. Sure, Dell wanted better deals from Intel on their processors and I think they used the AMD threat to get a better deal from Intel. So they were stuck with their Intel agreement while Gateway sold more more gaming computers than they did. Apparently IBM/Dells agreement has wained away POSSIBLY due to AMD's better? compatability with crap cards. But I believe Dell has gotten tired of Intel's overpriced, over-hyped, over-bugged, over...errr under-stocked processors. It was, I believe, an agreement between Dell and Intel to buddy up to try and kill Intel's number one threat. Meanwhile Dell would make out in that conspiracy by getting great deals on Intel's overpriced cpu's. Plus a couple of shares. Yup, another case of greed to try and kill the little guy.

    Didn't work, AMD's still here and better than ever. BLAAAA!
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  9. hmmmyeas, quite interesting point about prices for dell, maybe it wa all part of dell's master plan?
  10. Yesss, makes you wonder.
  11. Your post has got it all.. Conspiracy, greed, power, love, hate…. blah blah blah!
    Now if we could just figure out what happened to JFK.
  12. He got shot.
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