Turtle Beach Earforce Sierra vs Earforce Tango vs Astro A40

Hi, I am looking for a headset to play first person shooters (like CoD) for my Xbox 360 and to play any game genre for PC. I currently have an old school Turtle Beach X41, but it is not performing as good as I would want it. I am currently looking at 3 headsets:
Turtle Beach Earforce Sierra
Turtle Beach Earforce Tango
AC3 A40 Audio System

It seems that the Sierra and the A40 are better than the Tango. However, I could be wrong. Also I can't determine if the Tango is better than the A40's or vise verse. I am looking for a predominant first person shooter immersive gaming headset that will give me a competitive edge.

P.S. I don't care if the headset is wireless.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. I waited for TB Sierra and TB Tango to come out so that people could review them vs the A40 and /or A50. It's been two weeks since they were released and I can't find an up to date review. I need to get a good set of headphones before BO2 is released next week, so I can get use to them, you know... learn their functions. But no one has put out a good current review.
    So based on what I do know about each of these headsets, I am going to Best Buy today to purchase a headset.
    The wireless are out! heavier, less functions and need to recharge. So that leaves me with a choice between the A40 or the TB Sierra.
    The TB Sierra has more functionality such as 9 BO2 presets and voice morphing. I see no use for the voice morphing and I wonder if 9 sound field presets may be too many to fumble through during game play. Also, looking at the construction of the TB Sierra they are identically like Turtle Beach's low end headsets which have been known to break by a lot of users.
    The A40 has a wider frequency range, more than all 4 headsets mentioned. Also boasts the less complex mixing amp and a great track record in the pro gaming community.
    So..... with lack of recent in depth reviews, The A40 is what comes out on top IMO.
  2. So I bought my A40's at Best Buy, got them home unboxed them, set them up and they sounded Great. BUT... when I looked for the EQ preset button, it was nowhere to be found. I realized that these are not the 2013 Edition A40's. They are the same price. I assumed everyone was selling the 2013 Edition a40's, NOT! I packed it all back up and went back to my local Best Buy store where I had to explain to several people that these were not the new A40's.
    The store manager was kind enough to sell me the Astro A50's at the A40 price. That way I got the EQ presets that I was interested in, in the first place. I would prefered the 2013 Edition A40's for the extra EQ preset and the wider frequency range of the speakers. But the A50 are wireless and for the same price I figured it was a good deal.
    Even the A50's from Best Buy weren't shipped with up to date firmware as Astro says they have been doing for a couple of months now. Though updating was very easy after I found the firmware link.
    Why didn't I go somewhere else and purchase the 2013 Edition A40's? I had Best Buy Gift cards. :)
    So far I am happy with the A50's. I played several games on Xbox Live and was really impressed. I haven't had a chance to play with my Elite clan to test the chat function as of yet.
    PLEASE... be aware that Best Buy and maybe other stores could be selling older Astro stock. So, make sure you get what you paid for!
  3. Astros have better build quality, and the A50s have better base than previous generations. Tbs have worse build quality, sound is good but astros sound much clearer and more crisp. Plus you can customize astros.
  4. I think I will go with the A40s since they appear to be of better quality all around.
    P.S. I think having the A40s have an Assassins Creed style is badass.
  5. TB is good sound, nothing else. They've broken reliably within the year and I've had 3 now. I stopped when I finally hit upon the steelseries Sv2. That is a fantastic headset.

    Anyhow, avoid TB like the plague, audio is really the only thing those headsets have going for them. I speak from experience.
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