Need Advice : Purchasing XP Laptop

I recently purchased a good PC which runs windows 7, but I need XP for some older programs.

I've been looking around and I think I might need to just downgrade a windows 7 PC.

My main question is are there laptops out there for pretty cheap that meet these specs, but relatively cheap like 300$

Dual Core
WIN7 or XP

I keep searching and searching, but the laptops all are too expensive for what I need it for and include extras that I just don't need.
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  1. Hello shhno1cares;

    Your good PC that runs Windows 7 can also run XP.
    Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP
  2. Depends on what the requirements are for what you want to run in XP. 7 Professional has XP Mode which can run non DirectX apps. VMware Workstation can run XP apps that use up to DirectX 9.0c with hardware acceleration.
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