Windows 7 ultimate sound drivers free download
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  1. for WHAT ?
  2. jezus people are SO LAZYYYY.
    Go to in the search box type your make and model of the pc + sound on the link that has your manufacturer name in it
  3. i can get you sound drives, but not for free!
  4. Of course you can, when you buy a computer where do you think the drivers come from.
    The people who make the motherboard that is fitted into the system or laptop.
    If you use your brains.

    Its a simple case of finding out the sodding laptop name brand its model number located on the laptop. Or if a system tower opening up the side of the case and reading the brand name of the board and its model number.
    Or as a last resort clicking on system info in windows where it will display the board manufacturer and the model number of the motherboard. Now I have told you dont be lazy. Hop over to google and put the manufacturer name in the search bar of google ,and the model number of the board stated. Then add the words for example after it windows 7 audio driver.
    You need to learn how to use a search engine, how do you think we do it when we post a link to people? Its exactly what we do. How do you think we do it gyapong isaac ?
    Now tell me your not lazy. And how easy is it now.
    The very fact an e-mail address was posted tells you how much effort was put in by the poster to even bother trying to find it.

    Drivers are always free, if your good enough at using a search engine, anyone trying to charge for them is taking the Micky Mouse, since by the most of them are provided for free and come from the manufacturer of the board or laptop in the first place daswilhelm.
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