LG IPS235V-BN or Asus VE247H - Both 130€, which is better? URGENT!

As the title says, I'm wondering which screen is better for gaming (FPS, TPS, internet browsing, anything really), LG IPS235V-BN or Asus VE247H. Both cost 130euros.

I know that the LG is an IPS, and I had to return one back to the shop because of excessive IPS glow and blacklight bleeding.
I doubt every model has that flaw though, so I might give it another shot.

On the other hand, the Asus seems like a safe bet, but it isn't IPS which I've heard are superior. A guy is selling it (new) and
should react quickly, so I'm in a hurry.
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  1. I like ASUS and have 2 VS248H Monitors which are great. In general, IPS is better all round so I would give the LG a go since it seems like they have a good returns policy.
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