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I upgraded from a 21.5" 720p monitor to a 1080p monitor. Everything is so small in Windows. I changed the text size to medium, but that made icon names big and awkward. Also, in apps like Skype, the text is still small after changing it in Windows. How do I make things have the same "size" like I did on the 720p Monitor without having to change my resolution back to 720p, since I do play intensive games.
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  1. Try right clicking the desktop, Personalize, at the bottom left, click display, then select to increase the size of the UI, text and all.
  2. This is assuming you are using Windows 7. Also, some programs may require you to adjust them separately. Ctrl-scroll while up will increase the size of text in a lot of programs, including websites.
  3. I just want to figure out how to make the icons and windows taskbar larger, the text is getting a bit off center as I put it to medium. Is there anything I could do in my Nvidia control panel to change this.
  4. I'm pretty sure everything you want is windows related. I personally hide the text on the windows bar with large icons.
  5. since you just upgraded, another possible option would be to go with a larger physical size monitor in 1080p. a 24" monitor will likely be large enough for you to comfortably use. a 26" to 30" will likely give you a similar actual size for text without adjustments.

    objects on the 720p (larger icons) and 1080p (smaller icons) screens are both the same size since they are measured in pixels. ie, a font height of 15px will be smaller on a higher definition screen then on a lower definition screen.

    on office documents you will need to zoom in using the controls. on IM programs you will need to increase text size. in games you will need to make the interface larger. on the web you will need to increase text size. generally this can be quite irritating and it is highly suggested to instead get a monitor of a resolution and physical size which best accomodates your vision. see my comments in the first paragraph.
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