Looking to get new monitor 27" 1080P need some input

Hello, I've been wanting to upgrade to 1080P and while I'm at it get a 27" monitor too. But I've been reading that at 27" the pixel density sucks at 1080P and better off just getting a 1440p monitor for that size screen but those are just way out of my price range at the moment. I was looking at two specific ones and today while at my local Best Buy I decided to look at what they had to offer on display I almost walked out with one (the Acer) but decided to do some more research and think on it. They had the Samsung B550 Series 27" and the other one I was looking at was although not on display they had it in stock was a Acer S271HLbid Black 27".

I'm currently running a Samsung T220 1650x1050 as my main with a Samsung 940b 1280 x 1024 as a secondary. My question is the pixel density that bad on 27" at 1080P? Would going to a smaller screen size be more logical and is it that much more worth it to go with a 1440p monitor (which if I did I would most likely have to get a second 7870 to run that resolution) I generally go for Samsung products but the Acer model has gotten pretty good reviews and it's $130 cheaper, so I'm kinda in a bind.

Samsung B550 Series 27" $399

Acer S271HLbid Black 27" $279 - it's actually cheaper at Best Buy at $269

Any input/help will be appreciated

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